1. “In terms of the lockdown Regulations, all enterprises operating within the borders of the Republic of South Africa are expected to close during the lockdown period except for enterprises which are designated as providers of essential goods and services”
  2. “All enterprises must ensure that the absolute minimum number of staff necessary to safely operate the enterprises are at work during the lockdown period. Furthermore, employers are encouraged to provide transport for their employees”
  3. “The grocery stores outlined in paragraph 1.1 above are permitted to operate during the lockdown period irrespective of the nationality of their owners provided that they adhere to the following:
    • All spaza shop owners and informal food traders must hold permits issued by their respective local municipalities allowing them to trade, in line with the provisions of the Business Act, 71 of 1991 as amended;
    • No person may stay overnight in a grocery store in contravention of the Food Safety and Health Standards;
    • Only the sale of foodstuff and basic necessities is permitted, grocery stores must not sell products or goods that are prohibited by the lockdown Regulations;”
  4. “The grocery stores must uphold the health and hygiene requirements by:
    • Maintaining a social distance amongst customers and between the trader and customer of at least one metre;
    • Disinfecting and sanitising trading spaces in line with the Directions issued by the Department of Health;
    • Spaza shop owners and informal food traders currently trading without permits may apply for temporary permits.”
    • All staff must at all times carry a permit to perform essential services contemplated regulation 11(B)(3) of the lockdown Regulations.
    • A stamp or authorised signature on the permit contemplated in regulation 11(B)(3), to perform essential services, is acceptable. All staff must at all times carry a positive photo identification such as an identity document, passport or permit, issued by the Department of Home Affairs.” www.gov.za